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Cezanne Poetess is a Self-taught Visual & Spoken Word Artist and Author, who creates from the 5D (fifth dimension, her Higher Self).Cezanne Poetess

Hi, thank you for visiting! I am Cezanne Poetess, Author of the novel Journey of a Sister, which features my artwork and poetry. 46,000 words were channelled, meaning they came through me rather than from me.

Journey of a Sister Paperback

The book has gone through its own transformation; the First Edition was published in 2012 under the title ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’  which ended at Year Eleven.  After visiting my Motherland (Ghana) in 2014, I revised the book, added two new chapters (inspired by my stay), and re-titled it ‘Journey of a Sister’.

Then in 2019 I turned the story into a film script, with the help of Errol Mcglashan who helped edit the First Edition. During the process I wrote some new scenes e.g. Suzanne’s First Performance in Year One:

I decided to revise the book one last time to match the film script, before recording it as an audiobook! The above extract is from Year One (Part Two) of the audiobooks, and wasn’t in any of the previous editions!

Journey of a Sister is now available in e-book, audiobooks and paperback.  I’m printing 1,000 LIMITED EDITION books with my artwork in full colour, order your personally signed copy here.

I’m one step closer to my goal of getting it turned into a film!

Seeds of Love

I published my first collection of poems and poem-songs in 2013. In 2014 I won the title ‘Inspirational Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA).

Seeds of Love book of lyrics

All 13 poems feature in Journey of a Sister; the audiobooks include two bonus poems; Straight from the Heart (Year Three) and Is This…Love? (Year Four). The mp3’s can be downloaded from the > Poetry < page!

Journey of a Sister is a beautiful Black Love story about a young woman on her transformational quest to find her Self, her ancestral roots, and the true meaning of the word ‘Love’. If you’re on this journey, this book is for you – it’s for brothers too! (I’m also writing the SEQUEL, Journey of a Brother).

Nature’s Art 

I painted my first collection between 2009-2010. During the process I intuitively healed myself of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight. I used eight of my paintings to illustrate Journey of a Sister:

“Pick Me!”

In March of 2022 I wrote, illustrated and narrated a short story for children and adults alike! The painting also incorporates Colour Therapy:

Pick Me

You can download “Pick Me!” in mp3 format half price (99p) for a limited period only –  tap here to get the story and its A3 complimentary poster! 

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Thank you so much!

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Download Journey of a Sister e-book

Journey of a Sister

Join Suzanne on her transformational quest to find her Self, to discover her roots, the creative power of her thoughts, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!  Embark on your own personal journey of Self-discovery, self-healing and discovering the true meaning of the word ‘Love’! Features 8 of Cezanne’s paintings in full colour, and 14 of her poems – download the audiobooks so you can listen and read at the same time to get the full experience! 


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