You are currently viewing Journey of a Sister, ‘A self-help book told in a NOVEL way!’

Journey of a Sister, ‘A self-help book told in a NOVEL way!’

Are you on a journey of Self-discovery?

If so, my novel Journey of a Sister is for you! Whether you’re a sister or a brother, you’ll be able to relate to the story!

Journey of a Sister is about a young woman born in England, totally disconnected from her ancestral roots. Raised in the Faith, she doesn’t remember who she is as a Black Woman.

Suzanne has reached a point where she’s QUESTioning what she was taught to beLIEve; she writes a fearless letter to her Creator, asking all the QUESTions her church couldn’t answer, which she ends by asking for “the Truth!”

Your QUEST for “the Truth!” begins when you ask the right QUESTions!

She meets Charles, who sets her on a new path of enlightenment!

Join Suzanne on a 13-year transformational quest for “the Truth!” about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!

The First Edition was published in 2012 titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘  It ended, quite abruptly, at Year 11!

First Trip to my Motherland 🇬🇭

In 2016 I spent 5 months in Ghana. Upon my return to the UK, I revised my novel, and added Years 12 and 13, inspired by my stay. I  retitled the book ‘Journey of a Sister‘ because many sisters said it really helped them on their life’s journey!

Then in 2019, Errol McGlashan (who helped me edit the First Edition) helped me turn the story into a film script. During the process, I wrote some new scenes, like ‘Suzanne’s First Performance‘ in Year One:

I decided to revise the book one last time to match the film script!

The Third (and final) Edition is now available in e-book, audiobooks and paperback!

I’ve uploaded all the audiobooks to the 👉🏾 Journey of a Sister YouTube channel 👈🏾 for you to listen to, FREE! All I ask in return, is that you download the e-book, which is HALF PRICE (£4.99) for a limited period only!

Join Suzanne on her 13 year transformational quest for “the Truth!” and start your own personal journey of Self-discovery!

(Warning: sexually explicit in parts)

Journey of a Sister Paperback

Alternatively, order the paperback  and join me at an upcoming Book Signing & Discussion Event, where we will discuss the topics raised in the story openly!

Seeds of Love ❤️

All 13 poems in my award-winning collection Seeds of Love feature in Journey of a Sister.

The Book of Lyrics used to come with a CD, but now you can listen to them FREE, on YouTube!

Tap the image above to purchase the Book of Lyrics and👉🏾 listen to the poems on YouTube!👈🏾



I created four fictional characters to expand on the topics raised in my novel using drama; Felicia, Leticia, Christina and Portia! Watch the videos I’ve created so far!

Enjoy the journey, and feel free to send me your feedback below!

Cezanne Poetess 🌻

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Cezanne Poetess

Cezanne Poetess is a UK based Visual & Spoken Word Artist, Author, Blogger, and Leader of the Soul Purpose Tribe, a global support network for people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their soul purpose. Her novel 'Journey of a Sister' features her artwork and poetry, and is a beautiful Black Love story that will take you on your own personal journey of Self-discovery.

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