“Pick Me!” is a short story which follows Rose on her journey from a seed buried underground, to seedling, to full bloom! 🌱🌹🌻🌷🌸

Enter the secret world of flowers as they discuss their purpose, reincarnation, and their many uses even after they have ‘died’: 🥀

The story covers past, present and future, and is a lesson on the importance of knowing your purpose. Its complimentary poster will brighten up any room, look at it while listening to the story to benefit from the Colour Therapy in it!

‘They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we are seeds!’

This story is also for adults who want to nurture their inner child; sometimes you feel like you’re buried by the cares of this world – keep striving towards your goals, you will break through! To blossom also means to prosper.  Place the poster on your wall to brighten your space, and use the affirmation “I am blossoming!” when you see it. Teach your children positive affirmations too!

Download the “Pick Me!” story as an mp3 for just 99p for a limited period only!(7.30 minutes long)

Order your A3 “Pick Me!” Poster printed in colour, and signed by the Author! Mounted on A3 hardboard in a cellophane sleeve, only £9.99 + FREE p&p! (UK only)

If you’re outside the UK, download the A3 “Pick Me!” Poster for just £2.99 which you can print!

Treat your children, or your inner child!

Thank you so much!





Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Author | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader 

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