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I’m a Self-taught Visual & Spoken Word Artist, and Author of the self-help novel Journey of a Sister!

I used my first collection ‘Nature’s Art’ to illustrate my novel, and it also features 14 of my poems, to music!  🎶

I recorded the audiobooks in 2020; you can listen to Year One (Part 1) FREE on the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel!

I recommend reading the e-book while listening to the audiobooks because the e-book features 8 of my paintings, so you’ll get the whole audio/visual experience! 📖👀🎧🎶

Some of my paintings incorporate Colour Therapy, so you’ll be healing yourself in more ways than one as you read!

You can get A3 Prints of my art, and also canvas prints of Black Butterfly and Wings of an Eagle, which feature on the ebook of Year Seven so you can see how to hang them on the wall!

Enjoy your art prints, and read/listen to the story, if you haven’t already!

Much Love,

Cezanne Poetess 🌻