Adinkra symbols and sacred geometry paintings by Felicia Rasheda!

Felicia Rasheda is a fictional character I created in order to share my story, and my wealth of knowledge and experience from an older woman’s perspective!

After a tech attack in 2016 which shut down my natural ability to see into the spiritual realm, I didn’t write or paint for over five years…then plant medicines came to the rescue!

With the help of psychedelics, I am now able to receive visions and downloads again!

The Adinkra Symbol I  painted means ‘Good Fortune’.

When you look at it in the medicine, it transforms into a portal and becomes 3D!

I was inspired to paint it after learning about Adinkra Symbols and ‘error correcting codes‘. If you’re into plant medicines, try it yourself! Even if you’re not, these sacred symbols will have a positive effect on your DNA just by having them up in your home or office!

My Felicia Rasheda Paintings are different to what I used to do before, but I’m happy that I’m painting again, and grateful for this journey! 🙏🏾

The Felicia Rasheda Paintings are hand-painted original Adinkra symbols on 24″ x 24″ canvas, order yours today!

Originals on canvas can be shipped anywhere in the UK; if you’re outside the UK, you can get them as A3 Prints.

If money is no issue and you want me to ship a canvas to you outside of the UK, email me:

Much Love!

Cezanne Poetess 🌻