Cosmic Mother 24″ x 24″ Canvas Art Box Print


Canvas art Box Print of the Cosmic Mother by Cezanne Poetess 24″ x 24″ with hand-applied diamantés and signed by the artist. FREE shipping in the UK

(email for orders outside the UK)


Artwork by Cezanne Poetess

“On 7th January 2024 I was sitting at my altar practicing raising the christ oil technique, while focused on my Flower of Life painting:

…when the Goddess emerged from out of my painting!

I drew my vision, and then painted it! She also gave me lots of messages for you, Her children, which I’m sharing on the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel!

Purchase your 24″ x 24″ canvas art box print, with hand-applied diamantés for the stars, and in the centre of our Divine Mother’s forehead!


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