Journey of a Sister Limited Edition signed paperback



Pre-order your personally signed LIMITED EDITION paperback by Monday 1st November 2021 to receive the audiobook on a USB FREE! (Valued at £9.99).

The Limited Edition paperback features 8 of Cezanne’s healing paintings in full colour. (click on the ‘Read more’ button below to view them).

(Only 1,000 available) Books will be ready around mid December – they make great gifts, even for your Self!

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Join Suzanne on her 13-year transformational journey to find her Self, her ancestral roots, and the true meaning of the word L❤VE!

Journey of a Sister features artwork and poetry by the Author, Cezanne Poetess. Her paintings incorporate Colour Therapy, so you’ll be healing yourself in more ways than one as you read!

Be the proud owner of only 1,000 personally signed Limited Edition paperbacks with Cezanne’s artwork in FULL COLOUR! (Black and white copies will be available from Amazon)


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