“Pick Me!” A3 Poster


A3 Poster which illustrates Cezanne’s short story “Pick Me!”

Only £9.99 with FREE p&p (UK only)

If you are outside the UK you can download the poster and print it from:


Pick Me

Order your A3 “Pick Me!” Poster mounted on hardboard, sealed in a cellophane sleeve!

This poster illustrates Cezanne’s short story “Pick Me!” and will brighten up any room! Place in your child’s bedroom, or any part of your home or office, to benefit from the Colour Therapy in it! Stare at the poster while listening to the story, and nurture your inner child too!

FREE postage & packing for a limited period (UK only), order more than one and save on postage costs!

Add the “Pick Me!” story in mp3 format to your cart as well – it goes with this poster and is half price at just 99p for a limited period only! (7 minutes long) > Click on this link <

Cezanne Poetess is a UK based Visual & Spoken Word Artist inspired by nature, who creates from the 5D (fifth dimension). Cezanne intuitively healed herself from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight, while painting her first collection of paintings. She has incorporated Colour Therapy into the “Pick Me!” Poster, for your benefit!

Cezanne is also Author of the self-help novel Journey of a Sister,  which features her artwork and poetry.

You can get a taster by downloading Year One (Part 1) of the audiobook series FREE by visiting the > audiobooks < page. (Over 18’s only!)

As they’re quite large files (approx one hour each), we recommend deleting each audio before downloading the next one, if saving to your phone. You can download each file up to three times for the same 99p! Alternatively, save them to an SD card. Enjoy!

You can also download a free preview of Year One in e-book format by visiting  > < so you can listen and read at the same time!

Alternatively, download the full e-book for only £4.99 on the > e-books page <

Download > Cezanne’s Art < and listen to their complimentary poems!



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