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Who am I?
What is my Purpose?

If you haven’t asked your Self these QUESTions, you have not yet begun your journey of Self-discovery!

Many people go through life never knowing or fulfilling their true purpose – if you’ve been wandering through life aimlessly, you’ve come to the right place! You may know your purpose but still find it challenging to actually walk the path; children demanding your attention, work commitments, bills to pay, relationship drama, or simply having no navigational tools.

I set up the FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge to provide you with a starting point, using two ancient systems: Astrology and Numerology. Used properly, they can help you discover your true purpose, and provide you with a clear road map which if you FOLLOW, will lead you to your DESTINY!

On the 5 Day Challenge you’ll get free mini readings for your personal Natal Chart (a snapshot of where all the planets were the moment you were born), you’ll know your Moon Sign, your Life Path Number, your Archetype and 

Write them down as you’ll need them later!

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