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Be part of the LOVE-olution!

Join the LOVE-olution!

Are you a lightworker who’s been working as an individual to help heal the world, and elevate the Collective Consciousness?

Would you like to join forces with other lightworkers globally?

Let’s work together to support each other in our lightwork, and co-create a New Earth! 🌎💞

I was inspired to set up a global support network for people like us, and now I’m calling in my tribe!

We are all light beings, like a small candle flame. Alone, you light up a small space in the darkness around you. 

However, when your candle is joined with another ‘light being’ (another person who loves and cares about you), the power of their candle flame is added to yours, illuminating more of the darkness around you!

And when even more light beings join together and send Love Light energy into each other’s hearts, the darkness around each of us becomes illuminated, until there can be no more darkness in our lives! 

When enough light beings send you Love Light energy, the power you feel is so great, it can eradicate all darkness, leaving you in awe and gratitude!

Have you ever felt the power of Love Light?

It’s a warm energy connecting two (or more) souls together on this amazing journey we call Life. 

Whenever someone loves you, cares for you, cheers you on, or sends positive energy your way, Love Light empowers your soul and spirit. 

When you learn how to channel this ocean of power, you can completely change the course of your life in whatever way you choose. 

By filling your heart with Love Light received from the love and care of others, you can transform your life!

Love Light energy is as real as the air you are breathing right now. The more of it you absorb, the more you’ll thrive. 

The purpose of our tribe is to ensure that each of us has enough Love Light energy to fulfil our individual missions, and also to join our Love Light energy together to help co-create a New Earth! 

A lack of Love Light can be detrimental to our mental, emotional and spiritual health. On the other hand, am abundance of Love Light energy can turn your dreams into reality.  

Hundreds, and even thousands of little candles joining together creates a fire! 🔥 

When you become a fully-paid Member, you will also receive:

  • A FREE Ascending Souls T-shirt (worth £19.99, just pay for shipping).
  • Free seats to my 13-week online walk through Journey of a Sister (worth at least £28)
  • Support from my Self and other Ascending Souls Members in fulfilling your destiny 
  • Discounts on my products and services
  • Opportunity to promote your products/services to other Ascending Souls Members (that are in line with our ethos) through our monthly newsletter 

You’ll also be invited to do a one minute video for our Soul Purpose Tribe page on Instagram (wearing your T-shirt!) stating your name, which part of the world you live, and anything else you want to share about your Self!

As an Ascending Souls Member, you’ll not only receive support in fulfilling your destiny,  you’ll also be connected to a global support network of like-hearted souls to help you to stay on the path to your destiny.

We all have an Individual soul purpose, as well as a Collective soul purpose – to help raise the frequency of the planet to LOVE! 🌎💞


. All over 18’s welcome! Yearly Membership is just £97, and you can join by paying below. If you prefer to pay in three monthly instalments, contact me.

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